China Building Material Machinery Association (referred to as CBMMA), founded in 1987, is a social organization with legal status officially registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is also the only industry association with a member of three hundred building materials and machinery companies in China. The products of the member companies include: cement machinery, housing construction and wall materials machinery, glass and deep-processing machinery, glass fiber and composite materials machinery, building and sanitary ceramics machinery, cement machinery, non-metallic mineral processing machinery, stone machinery, general building materials equipment, and building materials instrumentation and spare parts of building materials and other items.

Business scope:

(1)Conduct industry research, master the industry dynamics, and put forward the relevant industry economic and technical policies as well as the opinions and suggestions of legislation;
(2)Formulate plans for the development of industry, authorized or entrusted by the government? to organize the pre-feasibility studies on major technological transformation, technology transfer, investment and development project within the industry as well as the environmental evaluation demonstration and preliminary examination;
(3)Authorized to carry on statistical work of the industry, collect, analyze and publish domestic and foreign industry information, grasp the dynamic development of the industry at home and abroad; organize information exchange conferences, lectures, seminars and forums; carry out information and technical consultations and other service activities.
(4)Edit and publish books, periodicals, audio and video publications, and set up industry websites;
(5)Participate in formulating and revising the national standards and industry standards, and organize the implementation, carry out industry quality management and brand cultivation, etc.;
(6)Organize the industry science and technology innovation activities and major scientific research project recommendation and carry on the scientific and technological achievements appraisal and application;
(7)Carry on the industry economic and technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and organize the international and domestic exhibitions as well as foster the professional market;
(8)Conduct industry economic operation analysis, establish an early warning system for the industry, carry out the protection of intellectual property, anti-dumping, countervailing, against unfair competition and other aspects of the consulting service work, coordinate with foreign trade dispute, and maintain the industrial safety;
(9)Formulate and supervise the implementation of ¡°guild regulations and industry conventions¡±, strengthening self-discipline, regulating the behavior of industries and enterprises and safeguarding fair competition;
(10)Reflect the industry situation and the reasonable demands of members coordinate the relationship between members, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the members;
(11)Organize industry technology, professional skills, economy, management, laws and regulations and other training work; improve the quality of the whole industry;
(12)Develop relationship with foreign relevant industry organizations and participate in the related international industry organizations and related activities on behalf of the industry;
(13)Participate in social public welfare activities, organize and develop industry public welfare undertakings and other activities;
(14) Undertake other tasks authorized or entrusted by the government and other relevant departments.


The association has five permanent work units: member management department, industry development and information department, science and technology work department, standard the quality department, international exchange and cooperation department; and seven branches: professional committee of cement machinery, professional committee of the wall machinery, welding technical committee, professional committee of heat treatment, wear-resistant materials and anti-wear technology branch, training working committee and the committee of experts. It also has two big publicity platforms: China building materials machinery magazine and China building materials machinery network (www.cbmma.org.cn).

Strategic cooperation partners:

Now the China building materials machinery association has established a good strategic partnership with many international and domestic industry associations and institutions, mainly include: China Building Materials Federation, China Cement Association, China Machinery Industry Federation, Vietnam Cement Association, Vietnam Association of Building Materials, Pakistani COMSATS institute of information technology, Portland Cement Association of America, Turkish Building Material Machinery Association, Myanmar Building Materials Association, Russian Cement Association, Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association, India Cement Association, Indonesian Cement Association, etc.

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